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Berkey water filtration system

Foot-operated switch for anything hooked up to mains. Such as your water pump, perhaps?

In this video below, Trent and Allie mention their dependence on fresh drinking water.

I’ve seen several van lifers filter their own water, which makes them more flexible, as they can use water from streams here and there, and if need be, even recycle their own greywater, if push came to shove.

I was still going to dive into that, but then Kombi Life helpfully made a video as well as a water systems guide with lots of links for me. Thanks, Ben! Great timing. (LOL)

That second filter, the Acuva Eco 1.5, is not available on Amazon in the UK. One Acuva model – the Acuva Tech C108 UV-LED Fresh Water Purification System – is available from Amazon in the US, last time I checked and Acuva does appear to ship it to the UK.

Acuva is Canadian, but as Ben’s base is the Channel Island of Jersey, you should be able to get the Acuva Eco 1.5 in the UK. Or can you? This press release appears to indicate that you can, but I haven’t spotted a supplier yet. Ben suggests getting it straight from Acuva. Use the code KOMBILIFE for a $100 discount.

It is not certified for using water from rivers, so I will still dive into water systems later.

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