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No products mentioned in the above two videos. So I did a search and found these sponsored examples (screenshot below).

Here is some of the meat: How to – and why – soundproof a van, but Mike’s approach back in 2013 sounds and looks much more complicated than what others are doing these days.

What if this self adhesive thermal acoustic insulation from eBay – the option on the right in the image above – does the job too? It reminds me of the stuff that Leah and Ben used, but that was self-adhesive sheet material, not rolled. I guess it may depend on the weather you’ll encounter, whether this sound insulation will also work for you as thermal insulation. (So, keep reading.)

Check out Silent Coat’s site and their video below, for extreme sound-deadening.

Mevi shows you what you need to install self-adhesive Dynamat / SilentCoat and how to do it. Much easier than Mike’s approach.

Bottom line? Go to Amazon and search for “Dynamat” and lots of options will pop up, such as these two. Yes, you can click on the images.

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