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110W flexible solar panel made of back-contact cells with durable ETFE coating

Kingsolar 120W Durable ETFE Semi Flexible Solar Panel

Samlex Solar PST-300-12 PST Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter

For connecting to solar. Yeti 400 – 2 x AC 220 V, 1,4 A total max. 300 W continuous load total max. 600 W peak load International 50 Hz pure sine wave.

GOAL ZERO NOMAD 20 SOLAR PANEL. Available from They also have the Goal Zero Yeti power stations and many other solar power solutions. BUNDLE DISCOUNTS.
Fast recharging with wall plug, 12 V car adapter or by solar Yeti 150 – output, 50Hz, modified sine wave 220V, 0.4A 80W continuous, 160W surge max Fast recharging with wall plug, 12 V car adapter or by solar Can use with nomad 20 solar panel


Ariel, in the video below, has a neat solar power setup at a small distance from her tiny house, and I noticed that she uses Renogy products. They’re available in the UK, not only via Amazon, but also via Renogy UK and last time I looked, Renogy was offering 10% off on your first order.

Renogy Rover 40 Amp 12V/24V DC Input MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Renogy 2000W 230V Off-Grid Pure-Sine Wave Battery Inverter w/Cables

Renogy® 100 Watt 100w Polycrystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel

Renogy BT-1 Bluetooth Module

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