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Hug at Home soft recycled blanket

Recycled throws, rugs and blankets from Hug @ Home

“Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles salvaged from the ocean, these stain resistant blankets look and feel like wool and as a bonus they can be used indoor or outdoor.”


So this is the page on which I fess up that I am not into consumerism. 50 to 75% of the stuff that I use came from freecycle, freegle, the streets, charity shops, or is some other form or reused or repurposed.

Surprised? In view of the product links?

Well, I know that a lot of stuff will get bought – and has to be bought – anyway.

Used stuff is not always at hand. When my last microwave broke down, I posted a request on freecycle, but if nobody had replied, I would have needed to buy a new one.

(I got several offers. I now use a microwave that’s an older model of the one that broke down – which was a kitchen renovation victim that had no feet – and has the exact same turntable, so when I mess up, I simply grab the other turntable and use that while I clean up the mess on the first one. Brilliant!)

One of the things I do is stack side tables – people throw out so many of those out, onto the streets – and use them as shelves.

If you want to add a cool clean coordinated look to your place in spite of having many different used pieces of furniture, grab some chalk paint or other kind of paint and give all the pieces one or two coats in one or two colours.

B&Q has them too, these chalk paints that I am about to mention.

“Emerald” and “Blue silk” by Rust-Oleum are the two colours that I use, and I love’m! Painting my desk emerald-green is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Seriously.

Trent and Allie’s interior features a blue that is like my blue silk chalk paint. I love it!

I didn’t use wax, which means my surfaces stain easily – anything that contains oil or grease will do it – but I don’t mind. A next time, I may use the wax to see how that works out. I quite like the chalky finish of pure unwaxed chalk paint, though.


750 ml

125 ml, so it’s like a sampler

750 ml

125 ml

universal – for tiles, radiators and more – gloss

For regular paint jobs, I recommend Dulux as it’s water-based. I’ve been using Dulux for decades; I knew of one paint shop in Amsterdam that had it. De Ru. Along the Van Woustraat. (I used to live in one of its side streets.)

I used to have a lovely warm yellow mixed for me that made it look like the sun was always shining, even on gloomy rainy days. I think the shade was called evening sun or Sahara or something like that. Really wonderful! I have used it so many times! I wish I still had the recipe because it would do wonders for my current dwelling. It may have been a colour like Sunny Savannah. It really worked wonders. Amazing!


Yes, almost everything you see in these photos wasn’t purchased new by me. I bought the mesh desk chair for about 40 pounds, at Argos, and I love it. I bought the floor lamps, also from Argos. I bought the floor mats (which you don’t really see in these photos). A deep “burnt” orange floor mat from Argos, which was on sale, and black car boot mat from Asda under my desk chair, on top of the other mat (works perfectly!). I bought the pens and stuff in the basket as well as the basket, the software in that box, the shredder. That’s about it!

Oh, and yeah, I did buy those bottles and their contents, as well as the paints.

Those office plants? Tomatoes! This was my first attempt at indoor tomatoes. I made lots of mistakes and still got at least 13 delicious cherry tomatoes out of them (not from these, but from the plants in my kitchen area). They make great house plants with their lush foliage.

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