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Lots of people recommend Nate Murphy’s Van Conversion Guide

A tape dispenser, for Christmas and birthdays, when packages need to be wrapped.

And if you need to wrap Christmas presents, you need one of these. A scissor mouse! I can’t promise that it will always work flawlessly but it requires much less space to use than scissors.

If you ever discover that you have a mould problem, one of these AirFree gadgets can work wonders as it will remove spores from the air. No hocus pocus, just a heated ceramic core that gets rid of them, with zero noise and zero emissions of this or that. It works. The prices vary greatly between sellers. I got mine, that P80, off Amazon with a set of instructions in some Scandinavian language, LOL. It gives off a bit of heat, uses only 48 Watts. The only downside is that you can’t switch off the blue light, but it is so mild that it doesn’t bother me at all (which is remarkable).

Perfect-fit bin liners. Click to get them.

Swarovski earrings (LOL)






Unbleached, recycled, biodegradable toilet paper.

Unbleached, recycled, biodegradable toilet paper.

Amazon has it.

The packaging is compostable, too. Made from potato starch. (At least, that was the case when I enquired in June 2017. I understand that Ecoleaf also uses LDPE 04 produced from recycled LDPE – recyclable but not compostable. I think you can return the LDPE packaging to them for recycling.)

(Here is an example of how paper packaging of toilet paper works:

Ecoleaf, from Suma. Ecoleaf Toilet Tissue 9 Rolls (Pack of 5, Total 45 Rolls)

Renova rolls (82 rolls for £32.99 except when they’re on sale for £10 or so less) also sound good, but I don’t know anything about their packaging yet.

  • And while you’re ordering this… why not get the paper towels too?

Ecoleaf Three-Ply Kitchen Towel (Pack of 12)

  • Ecover products

Ice scraper

Cradle for phone in van

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