More Norwegian stuff. More Brits. Different Brits! Sarah and… Diz? Nah, that is one of the dogs. The other one is Charlie. Nick! Vinny is the van.

Do I need to quiz you on that?

I haven’t found Nick’s yellow mirror sunglasses yet.

But here is THEIR list. THEIR links. (pasted)

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Aldi offers

Spotted at Aldi this evening. (Took photos but am not able to upload them.)

Workzone multipurpose insulation material. £8.99 It’s a roll. You can buy it online, here*:

They also have a multi-layer foil insulation quilt on sale, I notice, for £64.99. Available online, here*:


Gorilla tape. Silver. £3.99. Not available online.

Gorilla superglue. £ 3.99. Not available online.

Gorilla grab adhesive. £ 6.99 . Available online, here*:


* At the time of typing

Exclusively for non-vanlifers with treadmills

Yo, you wannabes in a house that does not move and has more space.

Do you happen to have a mechanical treadmill and do you feel that you’re getting old or think that the belt no longer works properly, maybe because too much dust has gotten into the thing or whatever?

Change your shoes! What you’re wearing may not be providing enough traction, and that is hard on your knees too!

I just made the discovery that when I wear my new Gelert hiking shoes on my treadmill, it works perfectly again. I am delighted! Whoop dee doop! Or whatever.

Those profiled hard soles wear rapidly, sure, but they give you a heck of a lot of traction and I find them really comfortable, so Gelerts have become my absolute favourite very rapidly. And as they’re often under £25, they don’t have to break the bank either.

The Slazengers I bought a few times before I stumbled upon Gelert do not provide anywhere near this kind of traction and wear down much faster. It’s like these shoes give you more energy, lol.



SportsDirect has them too, but they may not always stock a lot of them, and they cost about the same there as at Amazon. Click on the images.

Is this the ultimate non-disposable coffee cup?

One of the things I learned this morning was that there is now a kind of mug – a really expensive kind of mug I should add – that controls the temperature of your beverage via an app.

And it seems to be unexpectedly popular.

Not the kind of mug you’d toss in the bin, that’s for sure.

This 10-ounce white Ember mug appears to be the cheapest of its kind. Battery life: 1 hour.

This black one is slightly more expensive and also has a battery life of 1 hour and also contains 10 ounces.

This 12-ounce travel mug has a battery life of 2 hours.

How much it cost to convert Custard

With these links under the video:

PMS 3 controller –

Dometic 12v Fridge –

Thetford Oven – 210w

Solar panel and brackets

2 Hob burner Safe

Thetford Porta Potti Toilet

Water pump

Small fiamma bathroom vent

Yes, these are their links. I hope they work the same way when I re-post them as is, with all the code.

Meet Hannah (and eh Mav’)

What I really like about watching these van life videos is getting to “meet” all these so very different people who are all just, well, wonderful, and with whom I might not ever connect in real life (though coincidences can sometimes play the craziest tricks on you).

Not to mention the wonderful music I get to discover!

Via Hannah in California, I discovered Lossy in London.

So, meet Hannah.

A totally different style, yet again, yet equally wonderful to watch.

(And then I walk into my kitchen because I am thirsty, open the tap and notice that they’ve put more chlorine into it today. LOL)