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CUBIC mini stove

  • For Diesel heaters in general, you may wanna listen to what John has to say at 6:40, about buying a Chinese one on eBay for about £150 instead of getting a brand heater for about £600.
  • Personally, I love IR heaters. In my experience, they are extremely practical, safe (hard to burn your hands on one of those) and use a lot less electricity than many other types of heater. They give off a very pleasant kind of heat. (I discovered this when I bought a cage heater for a parrot.) Amazon used to have a small 180-Watt wall-mounted panel that was also available in larger sizes, but it’s suddenly disappeared.


300-Watt freestanding IR panel
Suburban furnace. 20 October 2019: Currently out of stock.

And this is the thermostat for the Suburban furnace.

The Suburban furnace is part of this van build:

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