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If you happen to be looking for an inverter to change your car power’s voltage to regular mains, then this Bestek inverter on the left may be what you need. While it does get 4.4 stars, which is pretty good, and that is caused by 75% of 5 star reviews, 10% of the reviews are not so good. I can’t assess what the reason for the negative reviews is. The 400-Watt version seems to do a better job, even though it also gets 4.4 stars in total. Also, it has 4 USB ports, while the other one has only 2.

BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC 12V to 230V AC Converter with AC Outlet and 4.8A Dual USB Car Charger
BESTEK 400W Power Inverter Car Charger DC 12V to AC 230V 240V Converter with UK Outlet Socket and 4 USB Ports

For connecting to solar. Yeti 400 – 2 x AC 220 V, 1,4 A total max. 300 W continuous load total max. 600 W peak load International 50 Hz pure sine wave.

Fast recharging with wall plug, 12 V car adapter or by solar Yeti 150 – output, 50Hz, modified sine wave 220V, 0.4A 80W continuous, 160W surge max Fast recharging with wall plug, 12 V car adapter or by solar Can use with nomad 20 solar panel

GOAL ZERO NOMAD 20 SOLAR PANEL Aavailable from solarpowersupply.co.uk They also have the Goal Zero Yeti power stations. BUNDLE DISCOUNTS.
Goal Zero Yeti Lithium Power Pack




The Tenergy battery charger advertised in this video below is not available from Amazon.co.uk, but if you order it from Amazon.com, it will get shipped to the UK: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TDPDXLT

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