A Scottish van called Moragh

This van surfer ain’t Scottish, though. I like the design. Lots of wood! A van build by Rustic Simplicity, apparently. I haven’t found the large ceramic bowl that she uses as a sink, and I wouldn’t want one for a sink, but if you do, maybe this large plant pot or this 29-cm bowl belowContinue reading “A Scottish van called Moragh”

Meet Hannah (and eh Mav’)

What I really like about watching these van life videos is getting to “meet” all these so very different people who are all just, well, wonderful, and with whom I might not ever connect in real life (though coincidences can sometimes play the craziest tricks on you). Not to mention the wonderful music I getContinue reading “Meet Hannah (and eh Mav’)”

Windows in the roof!

Another one of my favourite builds and this person too has a really good aura. Windows in the roof are a brilliant idea. She too has one of those wonderful slide-out tables, and lots of wood. I found her heater (see heating page). I was not able to find the HyperVent underlay in the UK,Continue reading “Windows in the roof!”

The university of van life

Rosie bought her van for £1000 and converted it for about £2,500. She is from the Isle of Wight, which is very closer to where I am. Here is what the Isle of Wight looks like from the south coast of the island on which I live: Rosie goes to university on the mainland, andContinue reading “The university of van life”

Meet Sandra

A few days ago, I watched Sandra give us a tour of her van, and I loved it! The comments tell me that I am not the only one who really likes how she’s set up her van. She built her van all by herself, in 30 days! They were 12-to-14-hour days, but still. IContinue reading “Meet Sandra”