Happy New Year, (from the) UK!

Lots and lots of rain in this KombiLife video, which first made me think it was recorded roughly in early November when I had planned to drive to the north and back and then decided that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. Lots of flooding going on. (Now again, by the way. Or lastContinue reading “Happy New Year, (from the) UK!”

I love Jordan and Kaylee!

Alright alright, they’re stuck in Peh-namaw now. So they’re no longer vanlifers, right? Hah hah. I’d love to be stuck that way. Kaylee, well, if you see some of her more showy videos, you might not be that impressed if you’re into authenticity and you might wander off. But you’d be so wrong and you’dContinue reading “I love Jordan and Kaylee!”

Man and van and pets (US, not UK)

Don’t freak out. By 1 minute and 14 seconds, he’s already spent: $ 21,000 on the van; $ 17,000 to get it to its current state, “waaaaaay more than I expected”. Which was about 10k. But he’s just paid off his credit card debt so it’s all good. And living in the van in hisContinue reading “Man and van and pets (US, not UK)”