I love Jordan and Kaylee!

Alright alright, they’re stuck in Peh-namaw now. So they’re no longer vanlifers, right? Hah hah. I’d love to be stuck that way. Kaylee, well, if you see some of her more showy videos, you might not be that impressed if you’re into authenticity and you might wander off. But you’d be so wrong and you’dContinue reading “I love Jordan and Kaylee!”


Purple (grid support tech) sounds like a good deal. It’s quite expensive, though and not available in the UK yet. This van looks really cosy, so I hunted around for a tour or build video. Turns out they have lots of them. That cedar, they milled it themselves. See below. The ten lessons include aContinue reading “Purple”

Meet Hannah (and eh Mav’)

What I really like about watching these van life videos is getting to “meet” all these so very different people who are all just, well, wonderful, and with whom I might not ever connect in real life (though coincidences can sometimes play the craziest tricks on you). Not to mention the wonderful music I getContinue reading “Meet Hannah (and eh Mav’)”

Eamon and Bec got robbed

After I watched Trent and Allie finally get their van out of the port of Cartagena in Colombia, I read the comments and gathered from some comments – some had been deleted – that Eamon and Bec got robbed. Yep, in Spain. The experience with police they had is not unusual, and not typical forContinue reading “Eamon and Bec got robbed”

“Our van got lost at sea”

Relax! Not quite. Yes, I know what they mean. When I shipped my stuff to the US, it first sat in a European port for 6 weeks or so. Turned out that “takes 2 weeks” did not include the time before my stuff would be loaded onto the ship! Not fair! That it would takeContinue reading ““Our van got lost at sea””