Odd jobs

Oh, I forgot. That is another thing that I have in common with Hannah. I have done tons of different things too, and I too feel that the things you learn are a form of wealth.

(I have a feeling I’ve already posted this video? It may have gotten a new title.)

I have worked in shops and behind reception desks (hotel, sports centre, corporate holding office, computer helpdesk, secretarial stuff, taking orders over the phone and entering them into a computer at the same time, stacking shelves, delivering papers, hospitality at fairs, selling food, snacks and beverages at a really busy train station, street sales for a Greenpeace kinda thing (selling memberships). telesales (business broadband and home improvement) and lots more, including pet sitting and house sitting.

I also participated in lots of marketing research, and though you don’t always get paid for it, you usually do, and it’s usually fun. Haven’t done it in ages. Last time I did that was when I passed a sign, like a sandwich board, on the pavement in the city centre of Southampton, and asked what it was about.

I’ve also been an extra in a few TV series and films, just out of curiosity. I signed up for an agency when my life was pretty boring, heard nothing, then all of a sudden started getting calls when the agency had been bought up by another agency.

The thing that I still regret is that I didn’t participate in an airline commercial. I think I was on hold for something else at the time that actually didn’t materialize so that was another learning opportunity, LOL.

For egg donations, bone marrow donations and that kind of stuff, you have to be in the States. I don’t know about Canada, but in the UK and (most of) the rest of Europe, that would be illegal.

In the UK, you can participate in clinical research, but I think that they often treat you like crap there, depending on who carries out the research. (They see you as poor, as second-rate, ill-behaved and all that?) I’ve never done that, though. You have to meet the criteria and you may have to travel to London several times or stay in a London hospital for a week with several follow-up checkups. And you may not agree with the kind of research they’re doing. There is that too, of course.

“Oh, a mouse just went by.”

This may be her best video. Out there in the mist in White Mountain National Forest. Great setting.

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