Speaking of cops

Wow, in this episode, Hannah got hassled by the cops not once but twice.

It’s funny, when I watch Hannah’s videos, there is this part of me that seems to think “that could have been what you might have been like if you’d grown up in a normal family”. It’s like I see a version of my younger potential self or something.

Her Teddy bear looks a lot like a bear I used to have as a child, I think.

Apart from that, she is so awesomely simply herself – a lot of people don’t manage that – and has a tremendous sense of style in so many areas.

I am secretly a little bit jealous of her clothing sense, LOL.

Clothes and me, well, I largely let go of clothes when I was 24, no still 23, though not for long, quit my job and went to university, for real this time. (Did do a brief stint at university after secondary school, but it didn’t amount to much.) My monthly income was going to go down so much. I bought a stack of cheap jeans, cheap blouses and cheap pullovers, the kind that I had seen in magazines, the kind that apparently all students wore.

LOL! I probably looked like an idiot for years. It never occurred to me back then that even in academia, people still judge you by what you look like, to some degree.

I had this idealistic expectation of academia.

Well, it used to be like that and in many places, it is like that. Just not necessarily where I was at the time.

I also like most of the music she picks.

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