Thrifting! Yay!

Okay, Kaylee Marie, you have serious competition in Hannah, but, no worries, you both are unique and wonderful.

I use to LOVVVV thrifting, used to go through St. Pete’s thrift shops and the sad thing is that so few people (seem to) understand what it is about.

They don’t see the treasure in what they consider cheap trash. I found the most wonderful goodies, often discarded even, as trash, and when I lose that, for whatever reason, it hurts so much more than losing all the stuff that can so easily be replaced because it merely has a function but no history, no story and usually little beauty.

In my next life, I want to be reincarnated as Hannah Lee Duggan. Sorry, that is a bit creepy, isn’t? I just think it would be fun.

My thrifting you know, nevva evva, included clothes. At least not in those days.

Anyway, Hannah, she is both amazingly down-to-earth and genuine and so sophisticated. She has a lot of wisdom. I learn a lot from her. Seriously. She is 25-ish and I am 60-ish and age has nothing to do with it. Anyone can learn at any age.

Wouldn’t life be disgustingly boring if there was nothing left to learn? No, really. I mean it.

Learning means that there are still so many discoveries to be made.

Anyway, Hannah, she has a smashing sense of style, whether she is overhauling an apartment or going through thrift shops.

One of my favourites used to be Dee’s on 4th Street South, near the Dali museum in St. Petersburg, and a few others in that area. Oh, the treasures I found there.

Hmm. I’m becoming inspired!

I once found two EVENING DRESSES that were literally fire sales. One was sleek, ocean blue, sequined all the way down to the floor from the top, and the other one was dark green and I wore that one as an extra for a film once.

I also bought a bunch of French really high-quality suits and jackets and stuff at the same shop, on the same occasion, of the kind that I would never be able to afford new.

Here is some of it:

As you can see, I have nowhere near Hannah’s style. The woman standing next to me was the local mayor at the time, and we were asked to look in the direction of the photographer.

I too love linen. And silk. And cotton, and rayon.

Oh, and I too really like trench coats and am still kinda mourning a black one I gave away, also French, purely because of the memories attached to it. I need a new trench coat but one day, I will simply stumble upon it. In the past, I have on occasion changed all the buttons to make it special rather than run off the mill. Think ocean blue, take off the blue buttons, add white ones.

And I have developed a thing for mirrors. I upcycled one into something so pretty that I don’t want to sell it, though that was what I originally had in mind. It is too much of a gem. Found it along a street. Old oak mirror. Used to be part of a dresser, I think.

My youngest sister is tall, blond and blue-eyed and also did some modelling for a while when she was (much) younger. Has a very good sense of style too, but not as good as Hannah’s I reckon. Or, different.

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