The Jessica Stuart Few

I just ran into the (award-winning) documentary Finding Fukue, about Toronto-based musician Jessica Stuart’s quest to find her childhood friend Fukue. Jessica lives in Japan for a year, when her parents taught English there.

This is older work by Jessica and her band. It’s jazzy, this.

It is about Fukue, who grew up very poor and therefore got bullied in school. After Jessica went back to Vancouver, Fukue eventually dropped out of school when the bullying got to be too much. Jessica didn’t know that. She also stopped writing to Jessica who always kept wondering what had happened to Fukue and sort of felt like she had abandoned Fukue when she went back to Vancouver, even though she was only 9 or 10 years old at the time.

Fukue did manage to complete high school later.

Jessica tours regularly, and not only in Canada. She’s just released some new work, under the name Jessa (which is the name of her band now). She has her own YouTube channel.

She sings, and she plays the koto (and guitar), and she’s clearly very talented, also as a songwriter. What a nice discovery.

This one played right after on my screen.

Then this one.

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