Schoolbus with German accent

Lots of lovely accents, in fact. Such as that “ja, private space” solution”! Wunderbar! Toll! Genius, that door trick. And what about that handmade curtain at the front? The bus cost 6,900 Canadian and they spent the same amount on the build. All in all, it cost about 15,000 Canadian. That CUBIC mini woodstove alsoContinue reading “Schoolbus with German accent”

Space-saving furniture

A fun watch that may provide you with inspiration for how to create your own solutions. I saw something really cool on LinkedIn, too, recently. I wish I had saved it. A highly flexible piece of furniture. I think it was Dutch. I repurpose a lot of stuff and that too can turn into aContinue reading “Space-saving furniture”

Oh no! Ginjey Bear’s parked herself in a Dutch tree!

Plus tour of Amsterdam and Camping Zeeburg. I’m not gonna tell you guys where to buy your chips. (Although I happen to know a place in Southampton that’s won a few national competitions, the chippie around the corner from where I live is pretty good too. That was the fourth local chippie I’d tried; theContinue reading “Oh no! Ginjey Bear’s parked herself in a Dutch tree!”

Come along on a drive to Cornwall!

With Tom and Brooke. And Thor the dog. In the UK, highway rest stops are called “services”. You’ll see the signs along the motorways and you can fill up on lots of things there. They’re a little bit like miniature airport surroundings, without the planes and stuff, where you can also fuel up your vehicle.Continue reading “Come along on a drive to Cornwall!”

What does the UK’s election result mean for van life?

Surely, Stormzy is not the only one who feels this way. I decided that I’d better let everyone digest the news that we are in for several years of undiluted Tory abuse in the UK before I broke into the topic of what this may mean for van lifers.