I love Jordan and Kaylee!

Alright alright, they’re stuck in Peh-namaw now. So they’re no longer vanlifers, right?

Hah hah. I’d love to be stuck that way.

Kaylee, well, if you see some of her more showy videos, you might not be that impressed if you’re into authenticity and you might wander off. But you’d be so wrong and you’d miss out.

After I saw Kaylee talk about her lifelong depression and anxiety – first panic attack at 7 years old – I finally saw her as the most wonderful strong person she really is. So wise! Wise wise wise!

(I saw some of the showier videos later and thought that they likely wouldn’t have appealed to me if those were the only ones I had seen. But I am, well, picky.)

She probably could have been my granddaughter and if she was, I would be so proud of her.

(I like her voice. I’ve always paid attention to people’s voices and people’s hands, but I sometimes couldn’t tell you whether someone wears glasses or not except I learned a long time ago that most people find things – like whether someone is wearing glasses or not – important, for practical reasons.)

And Jordan is a star because, well, because be builds rain roofs with so much dedication.

So anyway, yeah, the rules and laws always change in the UK too. it’s crazy-making for Dutch people ‘cos you can never plan anything here, sort of, so Britain is like Panama, that way.

Even the marihuana angle makes Britain like Panama!

There you go!

Now you’re living a dream life too!

I am in British Boquete. Without the coffee places and the volcano. And you?


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