THAT makes me feel a lot better!

I can’t help but notice how often it happens that people are telling the camera that they’re not going to get the van ready in time…

Then they show us a van filled with tools but not much of anything else, adding that they need to be out of their brick-and-mortar home in a week or in 24 hours.

They spend so much time talking to the camera, setting up the camera, moving the camera, taking the camera to the dump where they dump their old mattress, which they put on camera, for which they also use the drone – etc etc etc – and scripting everything and doing all the retakes to get it right.

It is clear that the camera stuff takes up several hours per day and that people do not take that into account in their van-build planning!

It saddens me to have to be stern and say:

People! You gotta learn to pick your priorities!


People! You gotta include your filming in your planning!

But it also makes me feel a bit better.

Okay, it makes me, eh, laugh out loud. A bit, A lot.


My life is a giant mess these days and I have no choice but to live my life vicariously. And that sucks.


Maybe my life isn’t such a mess after all. Because I know that I would have included the camera work in the planning.


Also, it is slowly starting to dawn on me that many van-lifers are not at all experiencing a sense of freedom but remain trapped in various obsessions… Hmm.

And I am not the only one who says so. Hmm.

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