Exclusively for non-vanlifers with treadmills

Yo, you wannabes in a house that does not move and has more space.

Do you happen to have a mechanical treadmill and do you feel that you’re getting old or think that the belt no longer works properly, maybe because too much dust has gotten into the thing or whatever?

Change your shoes! What you’re wearing may not be providing enough traction, and that is hard on your knees too!

I just made the discovery that when I wear my new Gelert hiking shoes on my treadmill, it works perfectly again. I am delighted! Whoop dee doop! Or whatever.

Those profiled hard soles wear rapidly, sure, but they give you a heck of a lot of traction and I find them really comfortable, so Gelerts have become my absolute favourite very rapidly. And as they’re often under £25, they don’t have to break the bank either.

The Slazengers I bought a few times before I stumbled upon Gelert do not provide anywhere near this kind of traction and wear down much faster. It’s like these shoes give you more energy, lol.



SportsDirect has them too, but they may not always stock a lot of them, and they cost about the same there as at Amazon. Click on the images.

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