How much it cost to convert Custard

With these links under the video: PMS 3 controller – Dometic 12v Fridge – Thetford Oven – 210w Solar panel and brackets 2 Hob burner Safe Thetford Porta Potti Toilet Water pump Small fiamma bathroom vent Yes, these are their links. I hope they workContinue reading “How much it cost to convert Custard”

Meet Hannah (and eh Mav’)

What I really like about watching these van life videos is getting to “meet” all these so very different people who are all just, well, wonderful, and with whom I might not ever connect in real life (though coincidences can sometimes play the craziest tricks on you). Not to mention the wonderful music I getContinue reading “Meet Hannah (and eh Mav’)”

Windows in the roof!

Another one of my favourite builds and this person too has a really good aura. Windows in the roof are a brilliant idea. She too has one of those wonderful slide-out tables, and lots of wood. I found her heater (see heating page). I was not able to find the HyperVent underlay in the UK,Continue reading “Windows in the roof!”

A lovely tiny house in Northern Wyoming

Ariel gets a lot of wildlife really close to her tiny house. She uses a Nature’s Head composting toilet, does have a shower as well, but uses the shower at the gym in real life. Her tiny house is a lot higher than a van and can have all sorts of feeds run into itContinue reading “A lovely tiny house in Northern Wyoming”

Clearing your debts – and saving up!

Meet Sammi. I love this one too. Rrrustic. That’s the word. Cosy and comfy. Warm. Can be done in 6 weeks, she says, and most of what she used cost very little. And it looks smashing. Water butts. What on earth is a water butt, I ended up wondering shortly after I moved to Britain.Continue reading “Clearing your debts – and saving up!”