Meet Sandra

A few days ago, I watched Sandra give us a tour of her van, and I loved it! The comments tell me that I am not the only one who really likes how she’s set up her van.

She built her van all by herself, in 30 days! They were 12-to-14-hour days, but still.

(Click on the image to go to Amazon.)

I really like the chair she hangs up at the back of the van. I used to have a friend in Amsterdam who had a chair suspended from the ceiling, but it was much heavier, and rather pricey. Rattan, I think.

Sandra’s, well you can easily take it around with you, whether you’re living in a van or not.

You can use it have your breakfast and watch the sun rise and you can take it to your balcony in the evening to relax in and sip some wine. If you’re lucky, your place already has a few suitable ceiling or balcony hooks.

In Sandra’s video, I also saw a kind of mobile – or wind chime – that my middle sister used to have. I think I had one too. I hadn’t seen a mobile like that in ages.

I’ve tracked it all down for you. See below.

But first, enjoy the video.

The wind chimes. Mobiles, actually, because they move very easily and produce a sweet tinkling sound. Man, nice ones were unexpectedly hard to find! They were so popular once.

Some seem to be made of capiz shells. If that is true, then the little disk-like shapes come from a particular area in the Philippines. Others are a more general mother of pearl. I think it’s simply mother of pearl in most cases.

Here is a pretty turquoise one on the left. But the sweet one on the right is my favourite.


(Click on the images to go get yours.)


Now the chair… The hammock chair. Don’t you love this red one on the left?

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