Man and van and pets (US, not UK)

Don’t freak out. By 1 minute and 14 seconds, he’s already spent:

  • $ 21,000 on the van;
  • $ 17,000 to get it to its current state, “waaaaaay more than I expected”. Which was about 10k.

But he’s just paid off his credit card debt so it’s all good. And living in the van in his friend’s backyard in kinda Indianapolis (Indiana) is saving him a ton of money, he says.

O-kay then.

(Maybe this is the point at which I should fess up that I’m not that much into buying stuff and, by contrast, love repurposing stuff. We throw so much junk out, people! Junk that isn’t junk at all, like the glass trivets someone wanted to get rid of that are now super useful on my desk and make it look kinda cool and classy, too. But, yeah, there are limits to what you can repurpose.)

I like the dark wood, the repurposed stuff he has around the bathroom. What I don’t like is that he has three or four different types of wood that don’t seem to match in any way. Other than that, it’s a really neat and quite complete build, even if I say so myself.

The shoe company? That’s skate shoes, I think, and “anmly” stands for “animally.”

Looks good:

And here… is a little list he made with links to various items in his van build. (Yes, these are his links.)

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