“Our van got lost at sea”

Relax! Not quite.

Yes, I know what they mean.

When I shipped my stuff to the US, it first sat in a European port for 6 weeks or so. Turned out that “takes 2 weeks” did not include the time before my stuff would be loaded onto the ship! Not fair! That it would take 300 or 400 dollar or whatever it was to get my stuff out of the port in the US was the second surprise.

After that, I had to rent a truck to go pick up my stuff from a warehouse in a nearby city, but by then, my sisters had arrived for a short holiday (not expecting to find me still living in an empty apartment). Their helping hands were welcome.

I picked them up from the airport, expecting them to have to go through customs and having to wait a while. But as the plane had made a quick stop in between, they’d already been through customs there. Surprise!

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