Carpe el tomato

More and more people are reaching the conclusion that working non-stop to pay bills and put money into the pockets of their banks or landlords is not really how they want to spend their lives.

Others have trouble finding a new place to live after their lease ends and the landlord wants the place back or when they move to a different location for school or work.

Enter van life. It can be the perfect solution, although it isn’t for everyone. Lots of people now enjoy living in a van full-time.

There is a zen story about falling down a cliff, being stopped by a branch, looking around you, finding a hungry tiger waiting below and then spotting a juicy strawberry for which you need to let go of the branch to reach out toward it.

Okay, let’s make it a tomato because I have tomato plants. 

That is van life.

The housing situation (the fear of losing your concrete or brick-and-mortar box) is the tiger, the branch is the thing that keeps you stuck (the idea that you have to live in large brick or concrete box) and the strawberry is joys that van life brings, allowing you to live life to the full, and for example waking up to a gorgeous view on some mornings.

When you grab the strawberry, the tiger disappears.

Van life is often a form of jazz.

Not everyone who lives in a van is on the road all the time. Some people keep it in the same town because they are attending university there. And others simply like living in a van for a short while on vacation.

And not everyone who lives in a van is poor. Some vanlifers are clearly loaded.

I first had the idea of living in a van back in 2012, but I had a geriatric pet who had very little vision in her eyes left, so it wasn’t a good idea for me at the time.

I have since been watching lots and lots of van life videos and I often end up with a really cosy snuggly feeling, a comfortable sheltered sense that living in a brick or concrete box rarely offers – though tiny houses and other alternative homes can.

Most of the videos, however, are geared toward the US and Canada. So I decided to set up a site aimed at the UK that many others will find useful and enjoyable too. It covers van life and a few other alternative lifestyles from all over the world.

Have fun! 


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