The university of van life

Rosie bought her van for £1000 and converted it for about £2,500. She is from the Isle of Wight, which is very closer to where I am. Here is what the Isle of Wight looks like from the south coast of the island on which I live: Rosie goes to university on the mainland, andContinue reading “The university of van life”

Meet Sandra

A few days ago, I watched Sandra give us a tour of her van, and I loved it! The comments tell me that I am not the only one who really likes how she’s set up her van. She built her van all by herself, in 30 days! They were 12-to-14-hour days, but still. IContinue reading “Meet Sandra”

Into beans?

Lots of vanlifers are vegans. Lots of vanlifers eat lots of beans. Are you into beans too? Get a pressure cooker! And, speaking of legumes and veganism, if you don’t know yet what aquafaba is, you should. Check it out: Mayo, meringues, marshmallows, macaroons, all without using eggs. Here is another link: ThereContinue reading “Into beans?”

Man and van and pets (US, not UK)

Don’t freak out. By 1 minute and 14 seconds, he’s already spent: $ 21,000 on the van; $ 17,000 to get it to its current state, “waaaaaay more than I expected”. Which was about 10k. But he’s just paid off his credit card debt so it’s all good. And living in the van in hisContinue reading “Man and van and pets (US, not UK)”

“Our van got lost at sea”

Relax! Not quite. Yes, I know what they mean. When I shipped my stuff to the US, it first sat in a European port for 6 weeks or so. Turned out that “takes 2 weeks” did not include the time before my stuff would be loaded onto the ship! Not fair! That it would takeContinue reading ““Our van got lost at sea””