The Jessica Stuart Few

I just ran into the (award-winning) documentary Finding Fukue, about Toronto-based musician Jessica Stuart’s quest to find her childhood friend Fukue. Jessica lives in Japan for a year, when her parents taught English there.

This is older work by Jessica and her band. It’s jazzy, this.

It is about Fukue, who grew up very poor and therefore got bullied in school. After Jessica went back to Vancouver, Fukue eventually dropped out of school when the bullying got to be too much. Jessica didn’t know that. She also stopped writing to Jessica who always kept wondering what had happened to Fukue and sort of felt like she had abandoned Fukue when she went back to Vancouver, even though she was only 9 or 10 years old at the time.

Fukue did manage to complete high school later.

Jessica tours regularly, and not only in Canada. She’s just released some new work, under the name Jessa (which is the name of her band now). She has her own YouTube channel.

She sings, and she plays the koto (and guitar), and she’s clearly very talented, also as a songwriter. What a nice discovery.

This one played right after on my screen.

Then this one.

I like her energy

It may help those who are offended that I categorize her as an older woman – which I understand! – to know that I have a few years on her and I know that she and I in theory still have about half a life ahead.

That is so funny about people who consider everyone over 35 or 45 “old” as in “almost dead”.

If you think about all the stuff you have done since you were 20 and then look at how many years you can expect to have ahead of you, you see that you still have a heck of a lot to explore and experience, if you’re willing to keep on living.

I love Jordan and Kaylee!

Alright alright, they’re stuck in Peh-namaw now. So they’re no longer vanlifers, right?

Hah hah. I’d love to be stuck that way.

Kaylee, well, if you see some of her more showy videos, you might not be that impressed if you’re into authenticity and you might wander off. But you’d be so wrong and you’d miss out.

After I saw Kaylee talk about her lifelong depression and anxiety – first panic attack at 7 years old – I finally saw her as the most wonderful strong person she really is. So wise! Wise wise wise!

(I saw some of the showier videos later and thought that they likely wouldn’t have appealed to me if those were the only ones I had seen. But I am, well, picky.)

She probably could have been my granddaughter and if she was, I would be so proud of her.

(I like her voice. I’ve always paid attention to people’s voices and people’s hands, but I sometimes couldn’t tell you whether someone wears glasses or not except I learned a long time ago that most people find things – like whether someone is wearing glasses or not – important, for practical reasons.)

And Jordan is a star because, well, because be builds rain roofs with so much dedication.

So anyway, yeah, the rules and laws always change in the UK too. it’s crazy-making for Dutch people ‘cos you can never plan anything here, sort of, so Britain is like Panama, that way.

Even the marihuana angle makes Britain like Panama!

There you go!

Now you’re living a dream life too!

I am in British Boquete. Without the coffee places and the volcano. And you?


An alternative to van life

A good alternative to van life may be hotel life. I am not kidding.

A few years ago, I applied for a job at a local university’s ophthalmology department. It was going to be a project (setting up a biobank), so if I got the job, that would be for a year. Nobody knew what might be next, but there was with the possibility of it turning into a different position.

The interview turned out to be a prank, Yep, that is the kind of place I live in.

Never mind all that.

Point is that, had I gotten the job, I would have moved into a hotel. It would have freed up so much of my time!

Also, I would not have had the bills that you get as a tenant, so the fixed costs would probably have been about the same but the perks much better, with much fewer worries.

And I wouldn’t have had the hassles and unexpected expenses to do with the TV or fridge or washing machine breaking down.

The quality of my life and living environment would likely have been much better than in a rented flat (though that, of course, would have depended on the hotel in question).

What’s not to love?

THAT makes me feel a lot better!

I can’t help but notice how often it happens that people are telling the camera that they’re not going to get the van ready in time…

Then they show us a van filled with tools but not much of anything else, adding that they need to be out of their brick-and-mortar home in a week or in 24 hours.

They spend so much time talking to the camera, setting up the camera, moving the camera, taking the camera to the dump where they dump their old mattress, which they put on camera, for which they also use the drone – etc etc etc – and scripting everything and doing all the retakes to get it right.

It is clear that the camera stuff takes up several hours per day and that people do not take that into account in their van-build planning!

It saddens me to have to be stern and say:

People! You gotta learn to pick your priorities!


People! You gotta include your filming in your planning!

But it also makes me feel a bit better.

Okay, it makes me, eh, laugh out loud. A bit, A lot.


My life is a giant mess these days and I have no choice but to live my life vicariously. And that sucks.


Maybe my life isn’t such a mess after all. Because I know that I would have included the camera work in the planning.


Also, it is slowly starting to dawn on me that many van-lifers are not at all experiencing a sense of freedom but remain trapped in various obsessions… Hmm.

And I am not the only one who says so. Hmm.

A Scottish van called Moragh

This van surfer ain’t Scottish, though.

I like the design. Lots of wood! A van build by Rustic Simplicity, apparently.

I haven’t found the large ceramic bowl that she uses as a sink, and I wouldn’t want one for a sink, but if you do, maybe this large plant pot or this 29-cm bowl below may do. Click on the image to get it.


Purple (grid support tech) sounds like a good deal. It’s quite expensive, though and not available in the UK yet.

This van looks really cosy, so I hunted around for a tour or build video. Turns out they have lots of them. That cedar, they milled it themselves. See below.

The ten lessons include a really important one. I see lots of vanlifers stress out and be on such tight schedules. What for? Is it really FOMO or is it just that people can’t let go of their old way of life? Amazing. But maybe not in a good way….


More Norwegian stuff. More Brits. Different Brits! Sarah and… Diz? Nah, that is one of the dogs. The other one is Charlie. Nick! Vinny is the van.

Do I need to quiz you on that?

I haven’t found Nick’s yellow mirror sunglasses yet.

But here is THEIR list. THEIR links. (pasted)

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